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16 December 2020

Sri Lankan-based Exterminators celebrate 22 years in pest control


BPCA Observer member The Exterminators are celebrating 22 years in business and 7 years providing 'carbon neutral' services. 


The Exterminators began as a sole trader in 1998 and has since won 50 awards for business, brand, industrial excellence, entrepreneurship and environmental leadership. 

The company is Asia’s first ‘Carbon Neutral’ certified pest control company and the world’s first ‘Carbon Neutral’ certified Anti-Microbial Disinfection Company. It's estimated that the Exterminators have offset 548 tons of Carbon Emissions.

Additionally, as part of a Dengue fever eradication program to educate the general public about the deadly disease, the company has given back to the community by donating equipment to combat dengue to local city councils, printing and distributing dengue awareness material, social media campaigns, awareness programs for institutes and schools.

Since March this year, Exterminators has disinfected 71 Elders Homes. 30 Police Stations, 15 religious sites and 17 public places and schools free of charge as part of a 'Stop Covid-19' initiative, travelling over 6000 kms. 

Marlon Ferreira, Founder/Managing Director of The Exterminators, said:

"Since the industrial revolution, the damage that human-kind has done to the environment is devastating. The threat that this un-changeable damage poses on future generations cannot be ignored anymore.

"Environmental accountability is becoming the rule and not the exception in today’s business world. Businesses are expected to be less harmful, more transparent, and to actively participate in making positive changes to improve the environment.

"As a leader in the pest management industry and the SME sector in Sri Lanka, we believe that we have a moral obligation to respond to this new paradigm—to adopt a business model of increased accountability."

He further stated, "Since the inception of our company we have designed, developed and articulated innovative solutions and best practices.

"Our philosophy is creatively destruct the environment via constant innovation to find novel and sustainable solutions by emphasining on triple bottom-line concept to create circular economy by doing it right and doing it well."


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