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31 May 2022

Ask the technical team June 2022

Technical | PPC107 June 2022

Field mice, glue traps ban, codes of best practice and rising prices for pest control products are all addressed in this issue of Ask the BPCA technical team.



  • There is nothing in the law to say you cannot control field mice
  • As it stands, glue traps will be banned for public use but a licensing system will be in place for professionals
  • BPCA Codes of Best Practice are strict dos and don’ts for pest professionals
  • Increases in raw material costs for manufacturers may be passed to pest control companies – keep an eye on your outgoings.

Subject: Field mouse control

Are field mice protected?

An important question – the industry is still a little confused as to whether we can actually lethally control field mice or not, based on the fact that there are no authorised rodenticides for use on field mice.

While it is true that you have no options for using a rodenticide, the fact is that you can lethally control field mice if they pose a public health risk. There is nothing in law to say you cannot.

Using snap traps, for example, would be a common method if the need was there. If you need advice on a specific situation, get in touch with us.

For more, see Chris Parmiter's article in PPC107.

Subject: Glue traps ban

When will glue boards be banned?

Animal welfare gets a lot of scrutiny and the use of glue boards for catching rodents is no exception.

In England, the Glue Traps (Offences) Bill has received Royal Assent and is now the Glue Traps (Offences) Act. There is now a two-year lead-in period before this law becomes enforceable.

An exemption for pest controllers, which BPCA fought for, is still included. This will be managed by a licensing regime, but details are yet to be decided. All this applies only to England; devolved administrations can work on this issue and almost all have expressed an interest in doing so.

We’ll keep you updated as this progresses through our email bulletins, social media and on our website, as well as in future issues of PPC.

Subject: Codes of Best Practice

What are BPCA Codes of Best Practice (COBP) actually used for?

BPCA works hard at setting standards and professional expectations across the industry and our COBP are an integral part of this.

If you are a BPCA servicing member then you will know that you are expected to follow and adhere to all BPCA COBP. Our codes are not guidance, they are strict dos and don’ts set out in a document, covering a wide range of topics.

We have codes on treatment reports, bed bugs, spring traps and much more. To familiarise yourself with these codes, visit and be sure to claim those CPD points for reading them!

Subject:  Rising product prices

Will I see price rises for pest control products in 2022?

Due to shortages in raw materials for manufacturing some pesticides, there is a high chance that pest management companies will see price increases across the board.

Things like wheat and coconut oil prices are rising for manufacturers, so this cost is likely to be passed on.

It is advised that pest management companies also take a look at their pricing schedules and keep an eye on their purchasing.

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