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03 February 2023

IPS appoints Wirral man to key operational role


International Pheromone Systems has appointed Ian Morris as Assistant Operations Manager at the company’s headquarters in Cheshire.


Ian, from Wirral, reports to Operations Manager Neil Street and is involved in monitoring and controlling products, carrying out audits, procurement and customer service.

Before joining IPS, Ian was the Operations Manager for a food ingredients company. 

Ian explains: “I’ve known the Hartley family for many years. I worked for the founder of IPS David Hartley at a sister company and now it’s great to be working with his son Graeme in this family business.

“Working with insects and pheromones is completely new to me but it’s really fascinating and a whole new world.

"I’m learning how the IPS team is able to harness nature in our laboratories and develop pesticide-free solutions for monitoring pests. With developments like the Pest Research Hub coming on line, it’s a really exciting time to be working for IPS."

He continues, “It’s also very rewarding knowing that the work we are doing will lead to a healthier planet with fewer pesticides in the environment and the foodchain. As a scout leader I spend a lot of time outdoors and doing something to help nature is extremely important to me.”

Ian has been a scout leader (2nd Bebington Scouts) for the last 10 years. He enjoys dog walking, camping and canoeing.

International Pheromone Systems is a customer-orientated company with 35 years of experience in developing, producing and supplying high-quality insect pheromone and kairomone formulations and associated trapping systems to a growing international customer base.

The company specialises in supplying semiochemical lures, formulated liquid attractants and traps to monitor and manage insect pests in agricultural, horticultural, forestry, storage and urban settings.

A core value of the company is to promote and support Integrated Pest Management programs which offer ecological and environmentally sustainable solutions to pest management.


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