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09 January 2023

Patented pest management products now available direct from IPS


In 2023, International Pheromone Systems (IPS) is taking a new pathway in the distribution of the company’s flagship products.

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It is now possible to purchase the CLTab and SPTab solutions under the Insectrac brand name directly from IPS, the manufacturer.

The SPTab and CLTab are both sustainable and effective management solutions for dry storage and textile pests when used as part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans. 

Unlike conventional traps the IPS tabs use an ‘auto-confusion’ system for male moths which disrupts mating. Once in contact, the moths pick up the Entostat™ powder and female pheromones causing other male moths to be attracted to the ‘dusted’ moths which in effect act as surrogate female moths.

International Pheromone Systems Managing Director Graeme Hartley explains:

“These are excellent products which were previously sold through PestTrader. At this juncture we would like to thank David Loughlin of PestTrader who had kept the product sales going over a difficult period in the world. 

“IPS has grown its profile over the last 5 years, and we feel we now want to widen the market through our own distribution network and work with customers utilising ‘Entostat technology’.

"There is huge potential for the SPTab and CLTab to be sold globally especially as moth problems seem to be on the increase, possibly due to global warming, and there is a growing need for pesticide reduction especially in food production and storage.

“The products are manufactured in our Cheshire factory and sold under the Insectrac Brand. We have now launched a brand new website designed specifically for these two products and are very excited about widening distribution so they can benefit even more customers and enable them to work directly with IPS.”

The InsecTrac®  SPTab® system is designed for stored product pests including Indian Meal Moths and Cacao Moths in food factories, processing and storage sites, especially those with organic accreditation as the system is pesticide free.

Stored product insects (SPIs) are insects that live and breed in stored products like whole grains or processed foods and even tobacco. Although SPIs tend to be small, the damage they create can be devastating. 

During development and registration of the product SPTab® several successful field trials were set up within large food storage and processing facilities across UK, EU and US production facilities and at Kansas State University. 

For natural, fabric-related infestations the InsecTrac® CLTab® is a highly effective tool for managing Clothes Moths that reduces the need for chemical treatments at locations like heritage sites.

Historic collections and items containing keratin are at risk from pests, as are textile or carpet storage facilities. Infestation of pests, such as the varied carpet beetle or the Common Clothes Moth, can cause irreversible devastating damage. It is now possible to reduce and even eliminate infestations without harming the delicate items or valuable artefacts found in museums, historic houses or at antique dealers.

Between 2007 and 2014 several successful, full-scale trials were conducted in some of the UK’s most valued heritage sites such as Marble Hill House, the Natural History Museum, Hampton Court Palace (London) and West Dean College (Chichester). These were conducted in collaboration with English Heritage.

About International Pheromone Systems (IPS)

The company behind these unique products is a customer-orientated company with 35 years of experience in developing, producing, and supplying high-quality insect pheromone and kairomone formulations and associated trapping systems to a growing international customer base.

IPS specialises in supplying semiochemical lures, formulated liquid attractants and traps to monitor and manage insect pests and promoting sustainable Integrated Pest Management (IPM) within agricultural, horticultural, forestry, storage, and urban settings.

A core value of the company is to promote and support Integrated Pest Management programs which offer ecological and environmentally sustainable solutions to pest management.


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