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31 March 2021

Postponement of approval expiry dates for renewals of 8 active substances

HSE has agreed a postponement of the approval expiry dates for eight active substances which were due to lapse within the next six months. 

Under the GB Biocidal Products Regulation, where for reasons beyond the control of the applicant, the approval of the active substance is likely to expire before a decision has been taken on its renewal, the Secretary of State with the consent of Ministers in Scotland and Wales can issue a decision postponing the expiry date of approval for a period sufficient to enable the competent authority to examine the application.

Under these arrangements, the approval expiry dates for the following active substances have been postponed until 24 July 2023:

  • Propiconazole
  • Metofluthrin
  • Sulfuryl fluoride
  • Alphachloralose
  • Sulfuryl fluoride
  • Aluminium phosphide releasing phosphine
  • Boric acid
  • Disodium tetraborate pentahydrate

The GB List of Active Substances will be updated to reflect this decision and there are no further changes in the approvals.

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