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  • 31 October 2022

    Ask the technical team October 2022

    TECHNICAL | PPC109 October 2022 Speed view Some animals and plants may have been transported here a long time ago and are considered ‘naturalised’, but these are still non-native species Disposing of waste should be part of yo.... More

  • 31 October 2022

    New Code of Best Practice - drain surveys

    TECHNICAL | PPC109 October 2022 BPCA teamed up with drain survey experts Davy Brown and David Lodge, to provide a new Code of Best Practice on carrying out drain surveys for pest activity. In this article, Davy Brown gives an overview of w.... More

  • 31 October 2022

    5 basics for pest control success

    TECHNICAL | PPC109 October 2022 We asked BPCA Technical Support Officer John Horsley to tell us his top five steps, big or small, to improve pest management outcomes. When we’re carrying out pest control we occasionally fin.... More

  • 31 October 2022

    Sustainability and dynamic Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for professionals

    TECHNICAL | PPC109 October 2022 Dynamic integrated pest management (IPM) is a more sustainable approach to pest control. Here, Envu explains how it minimises the impact on the environment, reduces the risk to non-target species and lowers t.... More

  • 31 October 2022

    How to professionally control wood pigeons – pest advice for professionals

    TECHNICAL | PPC109 October 2022 What's up woodie? Dave Archer is an expert on wildlife management and rural pest control. In this issue of PPC, he tells us all about his experience of dealing with wood pigeons.  The wood pi.... More

  • 31 October 2022

    Meet the members: 25 years of Bounty Pest Control

    MEET THE MEMBER | PPC109 October 2022 This year, Kent-based Bounty Pest Control celebrated 25 years in business. We spoke to Elaine and Martin Rose-King about their pest control journey. The challenges The challenges of running.... More

  • 31 October 2022

    Non-native species - do you know your obligations as a pest controller

    TECHNICAL | PPC109 October 2022 The team at Scotland-based Pest Solutions encountered a traveller recently, so we asked Managing Director Chris Cagienard to explain the process when dealing with an imported non-native species. As.... More

  • 31 October 2022

    Corporate social responsibility: what kind of impact can a pest management company create?

    BUSINESS | PPC109 October 2022 When we hear the phrase ‘corporate social responsibility’ we often think about mega organisations and their box-ticking; things that companies do to make themselves look good for a PR opportunity. .... More

  • 31 October 2022

    Owning a pest control business - when do you break-even?

    BUSINESS | PPC109 October 2022 Starting a new business can be a daunting and costly venture. We asked the owner of Blu Bookkeeping, Julie Holland micb, to give new business owners an overview of the importance of knowing initial business co.... More

  • 28 October 2022

    Developing your pest control skills with BPCA

    TRAINING AND CPD | PPC109 October 2022 In this article, BPCA’s Training and Professional Development Manager, Karen Dawes, explores why continuing professional development (CPD) can be a great tool for a pest professional’s deve.... More

  • 27 October 2022

    Pest control industry flocks to Boston for PestWorld 2022

    PRESS RELEASE The professional pest control industry was out in force at this year’s PestWorld 2022 event held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA over the four days of 11-14 October 2022. For most international delegates it had.... More

  • 21 October 2022

    Cinven acquires Bayer Environmental Science

    PRESS RELEASE Bayer has completed the sale of its Environmental Science Professional business to the international private equity firm Cinven, after the two companies had entered into a corresponding agreement in March. The condi.... More

  • 20 October 2022

    Updated options for rodenticide ‘proof-of-competence’ training

    PRESS RELEASE The choice of training for farmers and trainee pest controllers to become recognised competent users and authorised purchasers of professional grade rodenticides has been updated in conjunction with the Campaign for Responsibl.... More

  • 18 October 2022

    New appointments at Pelsis Group

    PRESS RELEASE Global pest control manufacturer and distributor Pelsis Group has appointed Scott Gammon as General Manager for its UK and Nordics operations. Scott joins Pelsis from Rentokil Initial where he was Area Operations Ma.... More

  • 14 October 2022

    Sri-Lankan based Exterminators are Carbon Neutral for 7th year running

    PRESS RELEASE BPCA Observer members, Exterminators PLC, were successful in gaining the globally recognized Carbon Neutral certification for the seventh consecutive year, further demonstrating their continuous commitment towards the environm.... More

  • 10 October 2022

    VIDEO: Rodent behavioural and physiological resistance

    CPD VIDEO To be able to successfully control rodents we need to understand their behaviour and how they will react to the environment around them.  It's important to remember different areas of the UK will also have resistance issues t.... More

  • 07 October 2022

    Confirmed Asian hornet sighting in Dover

    PEST NEWS Enhanced surveillance is now underway in Dover, following confirmation of an Asian hornet sighting. A photo, taken by a member of the public this week, was sent to the National Bee Unit (NBU) which later confirmed the i.... More

  • 06 October 2022

    BPCA to give evidence as Welsh Parliament set to ban glue boards

    LEGISLATION The Agriculture (Wales) Bill has been published, committing to a complete prohibition of using snares and glue traps. Unlike the Glue Traps (Offences) Act, the Agriculture (Wales) Bill has no provision for pest professional.... More

  • 03 October 2022

    Engineering company fined for amateur pest control accident

    HEALTH AND SAFETY An engineering company has been fined after one of its employees fell through a roof while installing bird deterrent spikes. On 13 May 2020, a man working for Craven and Nicholas (Engineering) Ltd on St John&rsq.... More

  • 29 September 2022

    Ready, aim, fire! Scientists build cockroach killing laser

    PRESS RELEASE Cockroaches are famously resilient - for years people believed they could even survive a nuclear bomb.  What they can’t survive is the new laser and artificial intelligence system designed by a scientist at Her.... More

  • 28 September 2022

    Avian flu control zones in force across East England

    PUBLIC HEALTH Following a number of cases of bird flu in across the east of England, a regional Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) was declared on 27 September in Norfolk, Suffolk and parts of Essex. Pest controllers in this area s.... More

  • 27 September 2022

    Call your GP or vet to remove ticks say pest experts

    PESTAWARE An upsurge in ticks could follow a long hot summer, according to experts at national trade body, British Pest Control Association (BPCA). Ticks, which are implicated in the spread of Lyme disease, can be inadvertently p.... More

  • 23 September 2022

    Nanogreen acquires Krypton Environmental Services

    PRESS RELEASE Nanogreen acquires BPCA member Krypton Environmental Services to round off their Soft Facilities Management offering. Following entry into the Soft Facilities Management space since 2020, Nanogreen announced their a.... More

  • 22 September 2022

    David French elected RSPH Fellow

    David French, from BPCA member company 5 Star Pest Control, has recently been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH).  A fellowship is awarded to individuals who can demonstrate a career commitment to th.... More

  • 22 September 2022

    Free SSIP Health and Safety Certification for BPCA members launched

    MEMBER BENEFIT BPCA has teamed up with inspection body CQMS Safety-Scheme to offer BPCA member companies a free SSIP Health and Safety Certification. Full BPCA members can get the certification by completing an online assessment direct.... More

  • 15 September 2022

    National Pest Awards 2022 winners announced

    The winners of the National Pest Awards were announced last night in an unforgettable ceremony in Central London. BPCA members secured the majority of the awards on offer.  The Awards were a prestigious showcase of professional pest co.... More

  • 09 September 2022

    HM Queen Elizabeth II: 1926-2022

    We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Her Majesty The Queen, on Thursday, 8 September 2022. BPCA joins everyone in the United Kingdom and across the world in sending our condolences to the Queen's family, and to all those whose.... More

  • 08 September 2022

    Professional Pest Controller issue 108 (PPC108) out now

    CONTENTS | PPC108 September 2022 PPC108 is out now, with a focus on wellbeing, mental health and hobbies. We have articles on staff wellbeing, plus a round-up of things BPCA members and our staff team like to do in their spare time. We.... More

  • 07 September 2022

    Pests in politics: Summer 2022

    NEWS | PPC108 September 2022 With pest management under the spotlight, particularly regarding glue boards, BPCA has spent more time than ever monitoring what’s happening in the UK parliament and the devolved administrations. PPC.... More

  • 07 September 2022

    Pests in the press: April to July 2022

    NEWS | PPC108 September 2022 Our regular PPC magazine feature, taking a look at public relations and how BPCA works with the press to educate the public about pest awareness. Landlords Engagement with landlords has been a recurr.... More

  • 07 September 2022

    ICUP 2022 - 7 key takeaways

    NEWS | PPC108 September 2022 Held at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain from 27-29 June 2022, it had been a long time coming for this event. Here Frances McKim gives a rundown of the seven main talking points from the conferenc.... More

  • 07 September 2022

    Rejecting misery: the importance of work-life balance

    HEALTH AND SAFETY | PPC108 September 2022 Hobbies and activities have been proven to be extremely beneficial for mental well-being, but why? BPCA member company Bayer Environmental Science has teamed up with the Campaign Against Living.... More

  • 07 September 2022

    Hobbies in the pest control industry

    HEALTH AND SAFETY | PPC108 September 2022 We asked PPC readers, “what’s your hobby?” and boy did you all deliver! Take a look at what the professional pest control community does for fun. Who knows – you could discov.... More

  • 07 September 2022

    Healthy habits for pest control professionals

    HEALTH AND SAFETY | PPC108 September 2022 Our industry is one of talent, passion and dedication, yet we’re not celebrated for our physical prowess. Regular contributor Michael Coates from Combat Pest Control shares his simple ti.... More

  • 07 September 2022

    Investing in health and wellbeing for pest management companies

    HEALTH AND SAFETY | PPC108 September 2022 In 2020 and 2021, 822,000 workers in the UK experienced work-related stress, depression or anxiety, according to a report by The Health and Safety Executive. With that in mind, how can employer.... More

  • 07 September 2022

    Beekeeping for pest controllers: things you should know

    TECHNICAL | PPC108 September 2022 Could you be a beekeeper? You should have a better idea once you’ve read this article. Andy Lee, from BPCA member company AML Pest Control shares his experience of starting this exciting hobby.&.... More

  • 06 September 2022

    The lifecycle of a wasp

    TECHNICAL | PPC108 September 2022 What’s the queen up to in her down time? How are wasp nests built? And what happens if the queen dies?  The wasp life cycle is a fascinating process. Read all about it in this article from M.... More

  • 06 September 2022

    Know your formulations

    TECHNICAL | PPC108 September 2022 How well do you know your insecticide formulations? Regular contributor Alex Wade helped us put together this handy little formulations guide. (Text view) EC  - Emulsifiable Con.... More

  • 06 September 2022

    Pest control folder contents for food clients

    TECHNICAL | PPC108 September 2022 Regular contributor Grahame Turner from BPCA Consultant member company PestAcuity is back! This time he’s turning his attention to your pest control folders. What should be in your folder? Wh.... More

  • 06 September 2022

    Meet the member: Social media success for pest companies

    MEET THE MEMBER | PPC108 September 2022 Kelly Farrant is the owner of Pest-Tech Ltd in Maidstone, Kent. From a career in the military to starting Pest-Tech eight years ago, Kelly’s business is going from strength-to-strength. He.... More

  • 06 September 2022

    TV, literature and games for pest controllers

    HEALTH AND SAFETY | PPC108 September 2022 Do you love pest control so much that you want to carry on in your downtime? We’ve got you covered. These are our favourite television, books and video games for pest professionals. Love, D.... More

  • 06 September 2022

    New BPCA member benefits for Summer 2022 – a wrap up

    YOUR ASSOCIATION | PPC108 September 2022 Discounted waste service and advice line from Reliance BPCA member company Reliance Service Solutions is offering fellow members 8% off waste services and a free waste advice service. Alex Whel.... More

  • 06 September 2022

    Meet the member: Success and challenges as a franchising business

    YOUR ASSOCIATION | PPC108 September 2022 Sean Taylor talks about Pestforce, how the franchise business model works and the ups and downs of running a business. We've had quite a journey over the years, we’re proud to be par.... More

  • 05 September 2022

    Why pest controllers should join the airsoft community

    HEALTH AND SAFETY | PPC108 September 2022 Adam Shenton is Head Marshall at PTC - Airsoft Warrington, owned by Bomb Up Airsoft. He gives PPC a quick rundown on what airsoft is and how you can get involved in the hobby. Many of you.... More

  • 05 September 2022

    What's the future for pest control qualifications?

    TRAINING | PPC108 September 2022 At Digital Forum 14, BPCA’s Training and Development Manager, Karen Dawes, gave a short presentation on a volunteer-led project to review the qualifications and development pathway available to the pes.... More

  • 05 September 2022

    New member benefit: Discounted mobile phones and telecoms solutions from Radius

    MEMBER BENEFIT BPCA has teamed up with Radius Connect to offer exclusive discounts to BPCA members on their business mobiles, cloud telephone systems and broadband. Submit an enquiry or learn more Save up to 40% on the recom.... More

  • 01 September 2022

    New professions able to issue fit notes

    HR New legislation to allow a wider range of healthcare professionals to certify fit notes has been introduced by the UK government. Nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists, and physiotherapists are now all able to legally c.... More

  • 01 September 2022

    VIDEO: Mouse control best practice and tips for management

    CPD VIDEO Apart from humans, the house mouse is one of the most prolific animals on earth and they can create some real challenges and problems when they are in the wrong place!  With this in mind, it is important that we have man.... More

  • 01 September 2022

    Cockroaches: Understanding behaviour and best treatment 

    PRESS RELEASE When a cockroach is spotted scurrying across a kitchen floor, whether it’s a domestic home or business, it can understandably be a cause for alarm. Here, BASF’s Helen Hall advises on some simple steps to comba.... More

  • 25 August 2022

    PestWorld, Boston: Early bird registration ends soon

    EVENTS If you are one of the many international delegates planning to attend PestWorld 2022 in Boston this October don’t delay making your booking, as the special discounted early bird registration rate ends on 14 September 2022. .... More