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  • 11 November 2021

    Professional Pest Controller issue 105 (PPC105) out now

    CONTENTS | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 Professional pest controller magazine issue 105 is out now and available to read online for free. The magazine can be read online or downloaded as a PDF  or you can joi.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Pests in the press: Summer 2021

    NEWS | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 In our new regular feature, we take a look at public relations. BPCA spends lots of time working with the press to educate the public about pest awareness and the importance of using a BPCA member for all pest.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Back to basics: treatment reports

    TECHNICAL | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 Q: As a professional, what’s the best way to protect yourself from legal action when working with harmful chemicals and specialist equipment in homes and businesses? A: A pest ma.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Pests in politics: Summer 2021

    NEWS | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 With pest management under the spotlight, particularly regarding glue boards, BPCA has spent more time than ever monitoring what’s happening in the UK Parliament and the devolved administrations. This.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Digital pest control: a wild frontier

    OPINION | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 Daniel Schröer is the CEO of Futura, a company specialising in digital, toxin-free pest control solutions, based in Germany. He’s also the host of the popular pest management podcast Talking Pe.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    PestEx 2022 exclusive sneak-peek

    EVENTS | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 While PestExtra brought us together virtually, we’re ready to be united again in those halls! Here’s an exclusive sneak-peek at some of our confirmed plans. The best seminar theat.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    What's out there? Digital pest management reporting software

    TECHNICAL | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 Making the switch from paper reports to digital might feel daunting, but there are plenty of potential benefits.  We reached out to the pest control software marketplace to help you decide if the.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    State of play: How technology is shaping pest control strategies in 2021

    TECHNICAL | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 Pest management is going through a technological revolution thanks to smart traps, remote monitoring, data availability, and the Internet of Things becoming more affordable and reliable. We asked Paul.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    INFOGRAPHIC: Where are we in 2021? Pest control and technology

    TECHNICAL | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 If Back to the Future was to be believed, we should all be chasing pests on hoverboards wearing augmented reality goggles by now. Alas, we’re not quite there yet, but the sector has come a lo.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Ask the technical team November 2021

    TECHNICAL | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 Remote monitoring, digital reporting, data protection and spider season are looked at in this issue of Ask the BPCA technical team. SPEED VIEW:  Remote monitoring can be helpful but b.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Seeing the light: advances in optical illumination

    OPINION | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 Regular PPC contributor Dave Archer is back. And now he’s got optics in his sights. Dave reviews the technology that significantly changed his practice. Over the past few decades there have.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Up, up and away! Seven ways to scale your pest control business

    BUSINESS | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 Our industry is full of ambitious small and medium-size businesses delivering fantastic quality, problem-solving pest control that protects public health. But when is the right time to scale up? Michael.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Rising mouse numbers down-under

    PEST CONTROL | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 The house mouse (Mus domesticus) was introduced to Australia by the first European settlers during the late 18th century. Its distribution is now widespread throughout the whole of the country, but i.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Triggered! Mental health resilience for pest professionals

    HEALTH AND SAFETY | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 Everyone has bad days. But when these bad days add up to a cycle of destructive feelings and behaviours, it’s time to pause and reassess. PPC asked Karen Mason and Lewis Smales from Essentiall.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Dust, up to snuff? Maintenance tips for pressure dust applicators and storing pesticides

    TECHNICAL | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 A bad workman always blames his tools, but are we doing everything in our power to make sure our arsenal is fit for purpose? We asked Darran Lebeter, Sales Specialist at BPCA member company 1env Soluti.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    UK rodent prevalence: the impact of Covid-19 on pest sightings

    TECHNICAL | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 Did 18 months of lockdowns cause an increase in rodent populations and sightings? Dr Mark Lambert, Defra, writes for PPC about what the available data shows, from here to Tokyo. In 2020, shortl.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Are you local? Community pest issues and local authorities

    PESTWATCH | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 It’s common for pest technicians to feel like they are up against a brick wall when dealing with community-related pest problems. BPCA’s Technical and Compliance Manager Natalie Bu.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Meet the member: Just the bee-ginning!

    MEET THE MEMBER | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 With a business that’s gone from strength to strength, Peter Higgs talks to PPC magazine about getting started, the obstacles he has overcome and his ambitions for the future. .... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Onboarding a pest technician: new resources for new starters

    Training | PPC105 November 2021 Onboarding an employee that’s new to the industry can be time-consuming, expensive and sometimes inconsistent. A good onboarding process can drive the professionalism of a pest control com.... More

  • 08 November 2021

    Glue boards in England will be licenced rather than banned completely

    LEGISLATION UPDATE If the proposed Glue Traps (Offences) Bill becomes law, their use will be licenced rather than completely banned. UPDATE: The Bill (as introduced) has now been published and is available to read on the .... More

  • 05 November 2021

    VIDEO: Caught in a web - false widow spiders | Digital Forum 11

    CPD VIDEO In this video, Chris Woodard from Chris Woodard Pest Services discusses the new false widow spiders, their impact and management options.  The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) hosts these free.... More

  • 05 November 2021

    VIDEO: Pest management to food company accreditation standards | Digital Forum 11

    CPD VIDEO In this video, Grahame Turner from PestAcuity discusses the various food standards that you might come across in pest control, including BRC, AIB and M&S.  The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) hosts thes.... More

  • 05 November 2021

    VIDEO: Sponsored: Selontra update | Digital Forum 11

    CPD VIDEO In this video, Helen Hall from BASF discusses how Selontra is doing now that it's approaching its first birthday.  The video is sponsored by BASF.  The British Pest Control Association (BPC.... More

  • 05 November 2021

    VIDEO: Rodents root cause analysis | Digital Forum 11

    CPD VIDEO In this video, BPCA's own John Horsley discusses root cause analysis in relation to rodents. How do we get to the heart of a rat or mouse issue?  The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) hosts these&nb.... More

  • 04 November 2021

    Wade Environmental offer to sponsor a son or daughter through their Level 2 Award

    MEMBER NEWS BPCA member company Wade Environmental will select and sponsor a son or daughter in a family-based team through their RSPH Level 2 Award in Pest Management. The kind offer comes as newly launched consultancy company.... More

  • 02 November 2021

    BPCA releases Onboarding a pest technician framework and support

    TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT BPCA has developed a training framework for onboarding people new to the pest management sector working towards their Level 2 Award in Pest Management. Karen Dawes, BPCA Training and Development Manager.... More

  • 02 November 2021

    Contego do away with fluorescent EFKs

    PRESS RELEASE BPCA member company, Contego is going greener by no longer supplying new customers with fluorescent fly killers and only supplying LED units instead. Michael Taylor, CEO of Contego, said: "We are delighted to a.... More

  • 02 November 2021

    LNPS announces sponsorship of Wapping Youth Football Club

    PRESS RELEASE BPCA member company London Network for Pest Solutions (LNPS) has announced a sponsorship deal with Wapping Youth Football Club. The arrangement includes sponsorship of the team’s shirts and the establishment of a sp.... More

  • 01 November 2021

    International Pheromone Systems relocates and re-brands as part of expansion plans

    PRESS RELEASE Cheshire-based International Pheromone Systems (IPS) has rebranded, launched a new website, moved premises and built a Pest Research Hub in less than two years. Alongside these marketing activities, IPS has com.... More

  • 01 November 2021

    Tropical species is a serious public health pest

    PRESS RELEASE Managers of large centrally heated buildings are being urged to understand the risks posed by a small tropical species. Pharaoh ants are tiny, but can create huge colonies that that will split if threatened and can.... More

  • 29 October 2021

    Wild Justice launches Northern Ireland general licences legal challenge

    Wild Justice, the Chris Packham-led campaign group, has launched a legal challenge against the 2021/22 general licences issued by Northern Ireland's Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA). Wild Justice h.... More

  • 28 October 2021

    False Black Widow sightings on the rise

    PRESS RELEASE A seasonal spike in sightings of False Black Widow spiders is likely to be caused by males in search of a mate, a national trade body has said. The British Pest Control Association (BPCA), is urging people to avoid.... More

  • 27 October 2021

    Be prepared for an increase in fleas this autumn, says Bayer

    PRESS RELEASE Pest controllers should prepare for multiple call outs to fleas in the coming months, following a delayed flea season and increased number of pets in homes following the lockdown surge. Richard Moseley, product mana.... More

  • 27 October 2021

    Dramatic drop in allegations of rogue rodenticide supply

    STEWARDSHIP In the past year, only one suspected point-of-sale non-compliance case has been reported to the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU). There were 62 such alerts in the three years to November 2020. What cann.... More

  • 25 October 2021

    End of an era for Safeguard Pest Control

    INTERVIEW Following the retirement of Tim Sheehan and Paul Butterick from Safeguard Pest Control, after running the business for over 30 years, we caught up with their team to talk about days gone and the end of an era. How the story.... More

  • 22 October 2021

    John O'Conner takes on business apprentices

    PRESS RELEASE BPCA member company John O’Conner have taken on two new Business Admin apprentices at their North Herts depot. With Bayley joining the business 12 months ago and Shahzab three months a.... More

  • 22 October 2021

    The improved BPCA member documents library is open

    A collection of over 150 templates, documents and tools is now available to all BPCA members. Over the last few years, BPCA has been collecting, creating and curating documents for members. We've now improved the interface and made th.... More

  • 22 October 2021

    BPCA contribution acknowledged as part of sustainable use of pesticides national action plan

    YOUR VOICE BPCA’s proposed amendments to the UK’s national action plan on sustainable pesticide usage have been included in a wrap-up of contributors’ comments released by the UK government. Our contribution on behalf.... More

  • 21 October 2021

    Volunteers wanted for new Academic Relations working group

    BPCA is looking for members to join a new working group aimed at creating links with the academic community and keeping up-to-date with research.  We want anyone with an interest in science, academia, and interpreting the latest.... More

  • 20 October 2021

    BPCA commits to Planet Mark certification

    BPCA is furthering our sustainability commitment by becoming Planet Mark certified through measuring and reducing our carbon footprint. Planet Mark is an internationally recognised sustainability certification for every type.... More

  • 20 October 2021

    Selontra wins Best Product award

    PRESS RELEASE Selontra, the new rodenticide bait from, BASF, has been awarded 'Best Product' by Pest magazine. The prestigious awards recognise the products that enhance the working lives and practices of pest professionals. Elig.... More

  • 18 October 2021

    SURVEY: Medical signposting for pest professionals

    BPCA is working with University College London Hospitals (UCLH) to potentially create a service for pest professionals to signpost clients that need medical support. We need you to take our survey so that we can find out the.... More

  • 18 October 2021

    Survey and quotation template now available for members

    DOCUMENT  BPCA has created an example template for a survey and quote. It's now available in the BPCA member area. The template is suitable for one-off jobs and reactive work. It’s simple to use and customise to meet y.... More

  • 14 October 2021

    VIDEO: Safe and legal use of air rifles in pest control

    VIDEO Using an air rifle as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) programme can be effective in the right situations. In this video, Natalie Bungay looks at the legislation and processes that you need to consider when using firea.... More

  • 13 October 2021

    Pest control and live bee removal franchise buzzing at ongoing success

    PRESS RELEASE Fresh off the back of the successful return of the National Franchise Exhibition, PGH Beegone Franchising has announced the recruitment of its second franchisee who will run his pest control and live bee removal business.... More

  • 13 October 2021

    Contego acquires Pestguard Services Scotland

    PRESS RELEASE BPCA member Contego expands market share in Scotland with the acquisition of Pestguard Services Scotland. Founded in 1994, Pestguard is one of the most respected, family-owned pest control companies in Scotland. .... More

  • 07 October 2021

    BPCA wins Covid-19 key worker campaign award

    BPCA is delighted to announce that we’ve won the Association Excellence Award (AEA) for 'Best Lobbying Campaign or Advancement of a Cause During Covid-19'. The Association Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate the.... More

  • 06 October 2021

    Glue trap ban on cards in Wales

    The Welsh Government has announced its intention to ban the use of glue boards in Wales. While the Welsh Government had previously said it plans to ban snares, this is the first time they have committed to doing the same for glue trap.... More

  • 06 October 2021

    Paper submissions sought for ICUP 2022

    The organising committee of the next International Conference on Urban Pests (ICUP) are welcoming abstract submissions from those working, or researching, within the field of urban pest management. All those keen to present a pap.... More

  • 06 October 2021

    Introducing BPCA Night School courses

    At BPCA we understand that with hectic work schedules and lifestyles, finding the time to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date can be a challenge. We’re delighted to announce the launch of our BPCA Night School, a trial.... More