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01 June 2022

Professional Pest Controller issue 107 (PPC107) out now


Professional pest controller magazine issue 107 is out now and available to read online for free.

The magazine can be read online or downloaded as a PDF  or you can join our Affiliate Scheme and request a hard copy.

PPC107 is out now, and with a focus on licensing and regulation we have a round-up of our PestEx panel discussion on the future of pest control licensing, a one-page techie legal toolbox and a look at how regulated pest management is in the UK.

We also take a look at field mice control, BPCA's lobbying work and how the cost of living crisis might affect your business.

Plus we have an opinion piece from Alex Wade on licensing, a new series on pest control standards from Grahame Turner and PPC talks to Presidents, past and future.

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Editorial: Taking the law into our own hands (the right way)

PPC editors Scott Johnstone and Dee Ward-Thompson talk about the big wins from the lobbying work that BPCA has been doing for pest control. Read >

Pests in the press: January to March 2022


Our regular PPC magazine feature, taking a look at public relations and how BPCA works with the press to educate the public about pest awareness. Read >

Pests in politics: Winter to Spring 2022

A regular feature to keep you in the loop on what's happening regarding pest management in UK Parliament and the devolved administrations. Read >

Review: PestEx 2022 round-up

PestEx roundup 2022 the Pest Management Show

As PestEx finally returned to ExCeL in London on 16 and 17 March, PPC's roving reporter, Kat Shaw rounds up her first time at the pest management show. Read >

PestEx 2022: PestEx in numbers

A round-up in PPC107 of the key statistics and figures to come out of PestEx 2022: the pest management show. Read >

Should the pest management sector be licensed?

At PestEx 2022, a panel took part in a discussion titled 'Licensing is coming: look busy'. Here are the highlights. Read >

Three decades in wildlife management

Three Decades in Wildlife Management Paul Butt PPC107 PestEx seminar British Pest Control Association

At PestEx in March, Paul Butt gave a seminar on his experience working in the pest control field, with a focus on the highs, the lows and some examples of cases he worked on. Read >

Infographic: Techie legal toolbox

Here’s a quick rundown of the most important pieces of pest management legislation you need to keep up-to-date with. Read >

How regulated is pest management in the UK?

How regulated is pest control in the UK PPC107 BPCA

PPC asked Senior Regulatory Manager Dawn Kirby from BPCA member company Rentokil to look at current regulation and speculate on what may change. Read >

PestWatch: Field mice control

Field mice control PestWatch BPCA PPC107

In this issue of PestWatch, guest author Chris Parmiter from BPCA Consultant Member company Pesttrain clarifies the legal nuances of controlling field mice in the UK. Read >

Accreditation standards in focus: Pest risk assessments

In this new series, Grahame Turner from BPCA Consultant member company PestAcuity, will turn his attention to pest risk assessments. Read >

Reporting pest control incidents

In the UK, there are paths available for the purpose of reporting incidents that occur and being aware of how to report correctly will benefit the whole pest control sector. Read >

Ask the technical team June 2022


Field mice, glue traps ban, codes of best practice and rising prices for pest control products are all addressed in this issue of Ask the BPCA technical team. Read >

Opinion: Who do you think you are?

Regular PPC writer Alex Wade from Wade Environmental is back – and this time he's talking through the opportunities licensing could bring. Read >

Am I covered? Making the diversification leap

Peter Knowles, Director at animal-related industries insurance broker Cliverton, looks at the opportunities of diversifying pest control services and the importance of managing the associated risks. Read >

Know your numbers: figuring out finances for your pest control business

We asked the owner of Blu Bookkeeping, Julie Holland MICB, to give PPC readers a handy guide to SME business finance. Read > 

Inflation and pest control: Time to put up prices?

time to put up prices inflation and pest control BPCA

BPCA's Scott Johnstone looks at the cost of living crisis and how it’s likely to affect pest management this year. Spoiler – you probably want to reconsider your pricing structure.  Read >

Benefit in focus: Lobbying and public affairs

What is lobbying? How does it work? And what is BPCA doing to promote meaningful change in the pest management sector? Read >

Interview: Between two presidents

BPCA says goodbye to one president and introduces a new one. At PestEx, PPC caught up with then President Phil Halpin and President-Elect Chris Cagienard. Read >

Interview: Come fly with me!

Interview with Mark Bower PPC107

Pest professional Mark Bower spoke to PPC about his time ‘down under’ and the wealth of overseas opportunities for pest controllers willing to step out of their comfort zones. Read > 

TechAssure: Virtual assessment of practical skills and knowledge

VIRTUAL assessment of practical pest control skills and knowledge

Training and Development Manager Karen Dawes explains TechAssure and the gaps it helps fill for newly qualified technicians. Read >

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